Logistics Willisau

Dock management – the shipment of goods in only possible, if registered beforehand

Please note that we can accept a shipment only if an appointment has been previously made in our dock scheduling system. Please create an account in the dock scheduling system of Competec Logistik AG and book your time slot for shipments to Alltron AG.

The scheduling of a time slot is very easy: Log in and select the load type based on the volume of your shipment. The dock scheduling system will present you automatically with the free time slots, which are suitable for the volume you want to deliver. Book one of the free time slots and you will get an automated email confirmation as well as a reminder, 24 hours before the appointment.

Book time slot for shipment

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please use the link in the confirmation email, in order to make the necessary changes in the dock scheduling system. The dock scheduling system will always show you an overview of your already booked timeslots.

Do you have any questions concerning the scheduling system? Please contact us at

Please make a note of the following dates, times and delivery conditions

Alltron AG is part of the Competec Group. This page is to inform you of the conditions for the delivery of your goods.

Delivery address

Alltron AG
Rossgassmoos 10
CH-6131 6131 Willisau Competec

Ramp 12

Delivery times

6 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Delayed goods will be accepted with advance notification:

Tel. +41 62 889 61 86

We kindly ask you to inform your shipping services provider that as of now his receiving agent in Switzerland will have to provide the following service company with all required shipping documents:

Rhenus Logistics AG
Niderfeldstrasse 5
CH-4133 Pratteln

Tel.: +41 61 378 18 23

Should you fail to comply with these instructions any additional costs resulting therefrom will be charged to your account.

The invoice address an address for Technology/RMA

Alltron AG
Hintermättlistrasse 3
CH-5506 Mägenwil

Delivery conditions

Dimensions: 1200 x 800 mm (L x W)

Non-returnable pallets/mixed goods
Delivery in very good condition
Usual height specifications for transport

Delivery conditions

Labelling of goods
The goods must be labelled with barcodes and wrapped

Shipping information

Alltron AG
VAT Nr.: CHE-191.398.369 VAT
ZAZ Nr.: 5923-8

China Shanghai Interfracht Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd.
Rm. 12M, Heng Ji Plaza
99 Huai Hai Dong Rd
Shanghai 200021, China
Mrs. Cecilia Huang
Tel: +86 21 6087 1600 ext. 23
Fax: +86 21 6087 1609
Mobile: +86 13 9169 12441
China Shenzhen Interfracht Overseas (Shanghai) Ltd.
Shenzhen Branch
Rm. 21B05, Regalia Place
4018 JiaBin Road
Shenzhen 518001, China
Mr. Daniel Li
Tel: +86 755 8231 3072
Fax: +86 755 8231 1070
Korea Busan Hyun Jin Co., Ltd.
No 1519-4, Dadae-Dong
Busan 604-050, South Korea
Mr. Tony Cho
Tel: +86 (2) 2602 6700
Mobile: +86 (10) 7764 3594
Taiwan Taipei Pacific Concord International Ltd.
(As Agent of Interfracht Speditions AG)
5th Fl. 150, Fu-Hsing, North Road
Taipei, Taiwan
Mr. Keene Yang
Tel: +886 2 2715 2592
Fax: +886 2 2547 3622

Mr. Job Yuan (Air)
Tel: +886 2 2545 5778
Fax: +886 2 2719 6742
Europe Europe Interfracht Speditions AG
Niderfeldstrasse 5
CH-4133 Pratteln/Switzerland
Special Services
Tel: +41 61 378 18 41
Fax: +41 61 378 18 10

Additional expenses

We reserve the right to invoice for any additional expenses that arise in this regard (repacking, labelling, bundling).